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Fashion Inspired Photography By Ken Kneringer – PPA Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman.

I provide Fashion Inspired Photography for women,  model tests, and influencers. I am also working on an educational program for senior portrait photographers, portrait photographers, or just about anyone that photographs people. I have a separate web site for the educational project, check it out at

Fashion Inspired Portraits

So what is a Fashion Inspired Portrait ? The most important part of creating a fashion inspired portrait, for me, is not the clothes – it’s about the expression of the subject and the feel of the image. 

I believe that simple timeless fashion, like a plain white shirt, or other simple neutral colored outfits helps keep the attention on the subject. Although simple and timeless is my preference, I also believe that a woman can be sexy in whatever she chooses to wear. Better that you just be you!

Similar to the fashion photography that defined the 80’s and 90’s, I try to make my portraits speak about the subject through lighting and expression. 

To define what a woman is today – strong, empowered, independent, and, sexy.

This, I think, is my job.

Authentic Images For Women

With the indiscriminate retouching of photos, it seems that we are now accustomed to seeing personalities drained of all their humanity. We know that they are not authentic, but seem to accept them, as they have become the norm. 

Many photographers don’t really think about what they’re doing when it comes to retouch. Indiscriminately applying filters and presets. By the time they’re done, the subject in the photo has no trace left of who they really are. 

The thing about looking young with no wrinkles, no expression, or worse like a plastic doll, needs to be changed. Women are beautiful, just as they are. 

Yes, I do retouch my images, but my experience gained over the last 35 years, first with film and now with digital, allows me to create images that are totally you, whatever that may be.

If you are interested in arranging a session or need pricing  shoot me a message using the Contact Form

Models, Agencies, Testing

I love working with new talent, established models, and newcomers that want to become models. I have placed several models with major agencies, and am very familiar with what they are looking for. I am not an agent but can get you pointed in the right direction.

I have done test shoots for several agencies, and have worked with models from Ford, Helen Wells, L-Models, Develop Models, La Models, Wings Models, and others.

I provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the creative process. Contact Me for more information or to arrange a shoot.

Pageant Headshots

For over 5 years I served as the official photographer for the Miss Indiana USA organization. I have had the honor of photographing hundreds of Miss, Mrs., and Teen title holders as well as contestants from Miss USA, Miss America, Mrs. America, NAM, and many local pageants in the midwest. 

Today I put all of that experience toward creating winning images for my pageant clients. If you are interested in working together or need pricing  shoot me a message using the Contact Form