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Toni Marie – Seniors Ignite Palm Springs Photo Shoot

Seniors Ignite Photo Shoot Palm Springs

Ken Kneringer - Seniors Ignite Photo Shoot Palm Springs

Seniors Ignite Photo Shoot Palm Springs California – The only thing better than being there is being there with the Seniors Ignite and the most amazing senior models in the country! Even more amazing – to be one of the lead fashion shooters and to get to work with Seniors Ignite model winner Toni Marie!

Palm Springs is amazing to shoot in and around, the desert, the grounds of the hotels, and then up to the mountains! The desert with hundreds of windmills, lush greenery, and snow all in one day! This shoot was primarily around the hotel, but I have other posts showing some of the other great locations that were were able to shoot.

This was my second shoot with Toni Marie, I was able to do several other shoots with her at different times and locations, including Michigan Beach near Chicago. I also did several videos with Toni on shooting and posing – I have posts showing those as well, or you can check them out at Seniors Toni is super easy to work with and exemplifies the statement that a great model should make the photographer look good, not the other way around! Toni has gone on to model all over the world. The images are purely Toni Marie, I simply put her in good light and pushed the button. All of the images are natural light, shot with a 70-200 Nikkor and my all time favorite camera my Nikon D3 that I still used today. Images are processed in Capture One Pro and retouched with Photoshop and a couple of my actions.